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XS apartment

The 55m² apartment program from the Ministry of Construction and Housing in rural area and especially in the Kibbutz, has pushed most local administrations to re-think the unit to accommodate the most people the can. The lack of housing space is especially felt in the Kibbutz, and we were inviting to study option of 2 and 3 bedrooms flat squeezed into 55m².

The proposal concentrates on practicability and movement and allows the space to be used as a family flat or a roommate's accommodation.

Each unit come with an outdoor space protected from the sun by a light room. This space is essential in the success of the project and gives the opportunity to the roommates or the family to gain more gathering spot and privacy from the neighbors. 

Project Type

Conservation + New Build


Kibboutz Gezer


4 units | 160 m²





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