Tulum Plastic School

We were inspired by the fundamental principles of the sharing community and social environment the Tulum Plastic School lays in. We wanted to create a place where everybody can experience the benefit of recycling local materials such as plastic bottles. The aim was that the whole school and eventually additional buildings can be built in one simple material: “plastic”. A metallic structure (series of RHS or SHS 15X15) is enough to sustain the plastic walls and ceilings. Windows and doors can be made by polycarbonate plastic sheets cut in different shapes (this encourage natural ventilation).

The new additional spaces are softly put in place while keeping the original character of the school. Our proposed building technique allows us to extend and built new spaces without too much technological and engineering effort. A building system based on prefabricated elements, elements that can be partly built directly in the school.

We researched several techniques and companies around the world to understand which one would better suit our needs. We found a company called “Precious Plastic” that can adapt perfectly to the purpose of the school. We decide to use the machinery / technology of the company that can be acquired for as little as 75,000.00MXN. The set contains 3 machines that enable anyone to recycle plastic and can be used by anyone who wishes, it is easy and fun. (The machines are built directly on site by the users).

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Tulum Municipilaty


Danielle Eshkol

Gal Gnapp

Laurent Katz


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185 m² + 100 m² courtyard