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Oslo Architectural Triennale 


with Carmit Batzir

Carmit Batzir is an architect based in Tel Aviv. She graduated in 2015 from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem with a BArch. Carmit Batzir is an architect based in Tel Aviv. She has a strong belief in always taking in consideration the human scale and needs as the first and basic value for creating architecture.

We both aspire to initiate new methodologies and ideas that are adapted through time and place. These ideas are influenced by our everyday reality here in the region and we find intriguing to create architecture for a safer and peaceful future.

We research the cultural, social and environmental contexts of social architecture. This enables us to develop authentic and responsive solutions for our (community) projects. Our practices work under the influence of both Middle East and Europe, bringing creativity to its best and offering an open-mind and adaptable solution to everyday life and needs.


The OAT 2019 would give us the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to create ‘adaptable’ architecture under the topic of Degrowth. The opportunity for a new system of thinking about our environment and neighbours in a region where everyday life is punctuated by the caprices of national and international leaders.

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Submitted Nov 2018


2018 -

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