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Hope Dental Center

Rwanda Clinic and Training Institute

The Hope Dental Center is an example of sustainable development within the city. On one hand, it is important for us to introduce the use of natural resources and natural energy (solar and geothermal power / natural ventilation / shading systems) into the heart of the building mechanism. A public building should always try its best to work “together” with the environment.

On the other hand, it is crucial to engage the local economy in the building process as well as afterwards, by using local manufacturers and building force and creating job opportunities in the future. 

The center must be an example for the city, so that in the future, public buildings will always be built in a progressive and engaging process.

The project is built of three main buildings, connected by different pathways that follow the topography. The main building and clinic are built at the top of the hill facing on one side the new road and on the other side the view. And elevated terrace, to which the chapel, the conference room and the cafeteria face, is a gathering point for the visitor and the center employees, where they can enjoy fresh air while looking at the city.  The conference room follow the existing topography and is facing a wide bay window overlooking the gardens.

A few meters down is located the accommodation building. Built in a square doughnut like shape, it allows us to create a private shaded courtyard, that gives privacy to the occupant.

At the bottom of the site, facing the existing road, are the offices and the main storage room. The storage room is partly dug into the ground, allowing the roof to be part of the garden.

The whole site is covered with vegetation and trees offering protection from the sun and the rain.

Project Type



Kigali Municipality


Gal Gnapp

Laurent Katz


His Hands on Africa


3000 M





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